Cobb Tuning Subaru Big SF Intake System WRX 2018

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One of the best first modifications you can perform on your vehicle is a new intake system. With a new platform, coupled with an established company you’re bound to succeed in improvements in throttle response, overall performance, while increasing horsepower and torque.
Cobb Tuning has released the Big SF Intake System for +15 models and has several attributes that make for a high-quality and high-performance intake system.

A)    The intake tube features aluminum construction, and measures 3” to allow the turbocharger to inhale large amounts of air while under throttle. The tube is mandrel-bent and has been powder-coated black for improved looks, and protection against time, and the elements.
B)    The filter features some of the best filtering technology that traps the smallest of microns, delivering clean filtered air to your engine. The filter is also serviceable to give you a lifetime of performance. 
C)    The custom airbox has been specially designed to fit in the factory airbox area, housing the filter and keeping surrounding heat from the engine bay away from the filter. 
In conclusion, the factory airbox restricts the turbocharger to a degree. The Cobb Tuning Big SF Intake System will free hindered horsepower and torque, allowing your engine to perform more efficiently with more power.
Included in this intake system are all the required clamps, coupler, and hardware to make for a ready installation.