Blouch TD05H-380XT Billet Wheel Turbo

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The 2008+ Subaru WRX has a different intake manifold than older Subarus. The new manifold is plastic, and the intercooler is square. (This is the same layout as the 2005+ Legacy GT.) The new manifold and intercooler requires a different turbo; the Blouch 380XT was design to bolt right on.

The 380XT comes with custom WRX/Legacy fitment compressor housing, Blouch billet “XT” compressor wheel, genuine Mitsubishi center housing with genuine Mitsubishi parts, pre-installed coolant pipes and oil drain tube, and turbo mounting gaskets. The turbine side features a Mitsubishi TD05H turbine wheel and shaft assembly.

Note that 2008+ STI models still retain the old aluminum manifold and turbo layout, so this turbo will NOT work with the STI.

Choose from 7cm2 and 8cm2 turbo housing.

Fits all 2008-2014 WRX, and 2005-2009 Legacy GT/Outback XT. Note that turbochargers are custom-built to order and may not be returned.